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  1. Magic

    Claimed: Free Retractable leash and an admin

    Is da rat editing forums now?
  2. Magic

    Jim's training thread

    Lighter? That thing looks so beefy. Especially with fatbike hubs.
  3. Magic

    Allamuchy Preview Ride

    Same same.
  4. Magic

    Trading stuff for cash money

    Rack pending weekend.
  5. Magic

    Ask Norm Tuesday - 5/12

    I thought it was from the Andy Warhol exhibit of him eating a burger.
  6. Magic

    Ringwood Rumble

    Can't all y'all just compare Strava times?
  7. Magic

    Fat bikes? Plus bikes? Too many choices

    Chameleon FTW.
  8. Magic

    Out of Service Log

    So fast that the ride is over before you realize you need a photo.
  9. Magic

    Trading stuff for cash money

    140 is more betterer because lighter. The rotors look cool AF, like slotted car rotors. Probably keep the pads nice and fresh. I would have used them, but I got 6-bolt wheels and Ashima Ai2's are my go to for all the things.
  10. Magic

    FS: Kona Major One 58cm

    1Up extension bro.
  11. Magic

    Carbon Bars & Wrist Pain

    U fancy. Also, Moab wrapup in blog plz.
  12. Magic

    Trading stuff for cash money

    Yakima HoldUp. 1-1/4" receiver, threaded bolt. Bought from somebody on here a few years ago and used season round. Has some side to side play, but otherwise arms and such still work fine. $75.00 TRP 140mm Centerlock rotors. Came with cross bike, but never used. $50.00 Stans Flow EX with...
  13. Magic

    FS: Kona Major One 58cm

    Bump yo. Give me money, get free bike.
  14. Magic

    OOS Post away!

    The skull still sucks.
  15. Magic

    What Bird Did You See Today?

    Anyone ever see the green parrots in Edgewater? I wonder if they escaped a Petco years ago and multiplied.
  16. Magic

    Gaining as much elevation as possible before the inevitable descent

    The only thing that's been bothering me about SC. Can't tell what god damn bike someone has anymore. Looks Blur-ish. Do want.
  17. Magic

    OOS Post away!

    Can you add a Taylor Egg and Cheese SPK on the back? The font also looks like CCU DDD.
  18. Magic

    Riding from Sheppard’s lake.

    Gotta ride the road a little bit. Also in for a weekend day. Aren't you a fellow Polak?
  19. Magic

    OOS Post away!

    Just pay @MissJR lots of money to design your shirt and get rid of that 1990's skull.