6 Mile Run Conditions


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Did some digging this am and I am happy to report that there is no sign of recent trail use. The trail tread was frost heaved and there were no footprints or bike tracks. The trails are beginning to dry out on the south facing aspects. Looking at the long term forecast, the trails will likely remain closed until early april.

Ian F

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Updated long term shows rain every three days until next winter... consider six mile closed till 2020.
The way it's been raining, it feels like EVERY trail system will be effectively closed until 2020.

I need to get off my ass and build a road bike that can fit fenders... :confused:
Nothing on paper yet. As the days get warmer, I’ll be out many weekday mornings as this works best for my schedule.

I’ll post up a few weeks before when I can swing a Sunday group TM day.

I haven’t been out there at all for much of the winter as I found it so disheartening what a condition the trail was in.


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Posted 4 days ago, I guess the first day of spring means closed signs and taped off trailheads don't really mean closed. I have to stop looking at stuff like this since all it does is make me angry.


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i know trails are closed but i wonder how wet it actually was since it was fairly warm with no temps below freezing and a week of no rain. with the monsoon thurs/friday things got swamped. but seems like another week coming up with little to no rain and warmer temps so things are looking up i guess.
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