6 Mile Run Conditions


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The poop bags I never understand, some even take the time to decorate trees with them
Thanks Bill, you're the face-less hero out there week after week
I really do not understand the logic, drop the poop bag and get it on the return? It seems in this case it never happened. I walk a dog and carry it all the way, I hate seeing the bags waiting for the owner to return. The rule should be carry your poop, no one wants to see it, smell it or step on it. We have a great natural resource, some people just do not get it.

Happy Good Friday to all! Smile, it feels good.!


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Things are still picking up at 6M.....today's highlights.......broken helmet visor (hope the helmet and skull did OK), packaging for some fine Backwoods honey berry cigars (note the warning), 6M beer of choice appears to be Budweiser ( the King of Beers) that is the only brand I seem to find on the 27 side.



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How are we looking for tomorrow? We just had some light sprinkles up north.
Correction, took out the recycling and it's currently raining, hopefully the trail will be dry?
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