Allaire/Schilling Group Ride 9/15


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Had a blast leading the beginner's ride today for MTBNJ Single Speed for Schilling ride! Or should I say how proud this Dad is seeing Justin lead everybody for just about 15 miles while @mike_243 and myself sweeped :cool:
Justin was awesome as was Ian. They kept on riding too fast and had to be called to slow down, haha. You did a great job on his bike. Nothing more soul sucking than a heavy ride.


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Team MTBNJ Halter's
It was nice to see everyone yesterday and place some faces to names. Thanks for coming out in support of Schilling, whether you knew Chris or not. More people, more fun. This is not just about riding bikes, but being with each other, riding bikes;)

Thank you @Mitch for putting in a lot of hours removing loose sand on the trails and making the kiosk in parking lot beautiful. Thank you ride leaders, helpers @capedoc, @Christopher barry and your son Justin, @GLawn, @mwlikesbikes, @Mitch, @Matt_ .

We will be getting together again, mid October at Chimney Rock. This is the Outta Shape guys home turf, hopefully they are available to help lead a ride:).

Stay tuned for details!