Can you wash your kit with a number still pinned to it?


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we get the same numbers all season down south here. Has anyone done this with zero consciences? Would love to not spend 20 minutes pinning both numbers left and right...


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Wait, this was serious? Awfully risky/costly experiment. Quality tech fabrics are not known for puncture tolerance. But what if it were backed by a more stout fabric? A rectangle of Cuban Fiber, Silnylon or Tyvek in descending order in both cost and durability... would be your best bet IMHO.


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I usually just chuck everything into the washer post race and deal with the consequences later since my stuff stinks so bad. Numbers and Jersey come through fine, just go inside out. The lettering does get noticeably more dull on the cheap race numbers. With cloth, you'd be all set.

From caffeinated this weekend.


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Anyone had success with gluing on numbers? I've seen some use 3M spray adhesive. Cant take the holes in my brand new skinsuit anymore.


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I was so spaced out Sunday after my ride that I threw all my dirty clothes in the wash with my cell phone and my gps. I only realized this after I heard the clunking in the machine...


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If you're pinning the same numbers on the same spot every week, maybe mark the inside of the jersey somehow so you can just re-pin without worrying next time?

Anyone had success with gluing on numbers? I've seen some use 3M spray adhesive. Cant take the holes in my brand new skinsuit anymore.
Paging @jShort


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Man this is weird.

I had my number glued on at caffeinated and I messed it up a bit and had to have @MadisonDan add a few pins. Long story short, it ended up in my wash like that. No issues at all. Maybe the glue held it tight so the pins didn’t pull at the fabric. When it came out the glue was still holding up.

@mbruno yes, you can glue. I have been this year and dig it. It leaves a little residue though and although it can be removed with some wd40, that shit stinks and I’m looking for an alternative solution. Maybe goof off?

Still, it’s SOO much easier than pins.


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Same number all season? Both sides?

Scan your numbers, then reprint on this and iron onto your jersey.

Ironing your jersey may melt it, so this is not advised. Try safety pins, 3M spray glue, or both.


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have this horrible thought of the fabric not breathing in that area -
i don't wear a couple of event t-shirts, even though they are tech material, cause the printing covers such a large area.