Dark Beers: Porters, Browns and Stouts

I heard the opposite that anything coming out of a barrel should be drunk soon, still I like it a little aged. I still have a 4 pack from 2 yrs ago, will do a comp between the 3 yrs when I get the 2017.
The flavor of Eclipse makes it head and shoulders better, that simple. Perfect balance of sweetness, bitterness, and booze. Its strong, tastes strong, but is smooth at the same time, a hard combo to get right.

Aging a high %ABV beer (9 or above) is always preferable, as they're pretty boozy when young, that sharp alcohol bite mellows out with a little time, the other flavors mature. KBS definitely tastes batter after about 10mo on it. Also let them warm up a little before you sip, that way you get the complexity from the malt, vanilla, and smoke.


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image.jpg Meh. At $17 a four pack, this should be the best stout ever. Not so. Nice head but boozy aftertaste. This would be a better beer at 5.0% but that is hard to do. The low ALC stouts are hard to brew because you cannot hide behind the boozy flavors.


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image.jpg Been on the road, hanging with my peeps, riding bikes and drinking Porters, Stouts and Browns. Have seen some amazing trails and breweries in Easton, Lancaster, Harrisonburg, etc. Starr Hill, Basic Brewing Co, Pro Re Nata, Three Notch'd, Iron Hill, Two Rivers and Weyerbacher Brewing. Need to make the switch to Hefes and Wits but still too cold and damp. Also rode some amazing trails at The Nut and GWNF!!


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Twin Elephant Can Release - Diamonds and Pearls

Coffee Milk Stout, 5.8% abv
Malt Bill - Maris Otter, American 2-Row, Crystal, Chocolate, Roasted Barley
Hops - Magnum
Yeast - Scottish Ale
Adjuncts - Lactose, Sweater Weather Blend by Boxwood Coffee


Great nose, super roasty. Surprisingly runs a little hot for a sub-6% beer.


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Goose Island -the Original Bourbon County Brand Coffee stout. This is a super tasty coffee stout and at 14% abv or thereabouts, it packs a punch.
Would have liked a second bottle of this that I could hold and age a few seasons.



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Starting early today. Can releases down the road Saturday. Got the Jersey Winter too but I like this better. Some tastee waves and a cool buzz and I'm fine.



Ballast Point - Victory at Sea. (Imperial porter)
Strong but very ballanced coffee/vanilla flavors. A bit expensive but delish!
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