Erie 80 course vs Point Peter?


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I really liked the Point Peter pounder...really? they had to name it that?... XC course and was wondering how similar the terrain and tech difficulty is to the Erie 80? I know they're both in the watershed, but don't want to assume anything.

Hey David, is the course brutal because of the tech or just the combination of general fatigue + climbing?
Both. A lot of elevation and the grindy wheres on you. It’s the one endurance course you can’t approach like XC. Tough to recover. There are definitely some high speed tech sections as well as low speed stuff.


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Thanks man- appreciate the info. Would you then recommend more of a trail bike for this course than a traditional 100mm XC race bike?


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I would say lighter the bike the better. After 30-40 miles that bike is going to get heavy. If you have a 100mm XC race bike I would use that. Just my 2 cents....