Flat pedal shoe recommendations

I know you guys will all say convert to clipless or die... But I prefer flats and need new shoes. My 20 dollar wal-mart skate shoes are shot. To be honest the walmart skate shoes lasted me 3 years but where never the most comfortable and are a pretty sloppy fit which I think is leading to my foot pain while riding. I have been looking at the five ten freerider pro based on reviews. But it seems like my shoe size (size 13) is unobtainium in almost every five ten style. I also don't want to spend a fortune (another reason for my sticking with flats). Where should I be looking for a quality shoe in my size? I dont ride a ton each year, but its mostly at wildcat... which seems to eat everything bike related in a short period of time.


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So since you wrote that Five Ten's aren't available in your size, and several comments after suggested Five Ten's, I'm gonna throw out there Giro and Specialized brands to look at. I have Giro Rumbler, which are flat style, but have a cleat on them. The Chamber II and the Riddance look like flats, and the Riddance comes in a Mid also. Sizes go up to EU 50
Specialized shoes are good, in my limited experience (not with flats).
That's all I got. Hope it's helpful.


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first... check out LBS... i know halter's has five tens... and i'm sure he'll order your size if it's not in stock...

or you can try places like backcountry.com or zappos.com (both have size 13 available. and excellent price matching policies.) i believe REI sells them too.
Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I have been looking online for them and passed on a few iffy looking sellers. I am going to swing by a few bike shops this afternoon.


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Just in research mode a few days ago and was looking for a summer shoe. I have impacts now but feet get overheated trail riding in them. Perfect for DH and winter but as many have said clunky.

So my search found these

It's the only shoe review that said "it's as sticky" as 5/10. Everything else is almost or not close to the 5/10s. Taking a chance as they are supposedly on the narrow side.

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I wear lightweight hiking shoes, with as minimalist-but-stiff a sole as I can find. Look for a sneaker-type patter over a lugged tread. Goretex is also an option...


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I tried 510’s and they just didn’t fit me. Check the shimano am5, I have the am 7, which is for clips and happy with them.


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5.10 all the way. As has been said on this forum, they fit like the box they came in. But by golly you'll stick to your pedals. I can pull up on the pedals if I need to. All my clipless shoes are IQ but not for flats. The new 5.10 company does not have access to the 5.10 soles.


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these look kind of cheaply made. i think in time they might be good once they go through a few revisions. same thing goes for ride concepts, another new flat pedal shoe company
These are made by the folks who designed and made the 5.10 brand of climbing and mountain bike shoes... not sure if “cheap” is how they do things considering their history.


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We sell a good amount of 5-10 shoes for sure. Keep in mind they they don't all fit the same.

We've also had super good luck with the flat shoes from Shimano and Giro. Both brands might offer bette warranty service than five ten .

The GR-7 has a sole made by Michelin and it has a stretchy upper that keep mud and rocks out.
In any case i'd recommend ditching the stock insoles and going for the superfeet insoles. They offer way more support.

We've found that the insoles for hockey are very low profile so they don't take up extra space in cycling shoes.