Halters Cycles End of Summer Sale Sept 15th & 16th 2017


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Hate to see summer coming to a close, but this sale marks the end.

We are clearing out old bike inventory as well as shoes, clothing, gloves..

This Fri and Sat only.

I'll be around both days and I recommend Mtbnj'ers ask for me as I'll offer you the best price I can.




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Hmmmm can you send someone down to the Allaire ride Sat with a medium tallboy 27.5+ for me to test out? But it's gotta be orange... :D
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Shop: Halter's Cycles
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great to see so many amazing people today.

I felt so fortunate to have all your support.

We all know that retail stores are loosing market share to internet sales and that is why I was so impressed to see so many of you today.

Hoping to see more of you on sat.

If you are on the board please ask for me by J-dog and we will find you a bike that is better than you think you can afford.

Thanks for everything