Hippo CX 2018


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lots of down hill turns, in the mud. a few hundred feet of single track. a 200 meter climb leading up to a run up (un rideable for humans) barriers of course. and the wooden run up from last year had been layed to rest and replaced a few bmx style speed rollers.
Mixing imperial with metric, love it. How many fathoms deep will the mud be? Also, how many fortnights are estimated for each lap?


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@fidodie I still owe you a beer too. Haven't forgot your finger injury of 2017 that kept ya from racing hippo. Find me after your race. Cheers.
my day just got rescheduled for me. there wasn't supposed to be any kid events - and now there is, and i drive the truck (literally, it is a 40' box truck with all the band equipment)
I may show up for the beer tho!

this is killing me...damn. So impressed with how it was put together last year as an event, not just a race. was looking forward to the expanded version!