Is it a fad, a group or a club? It's OOS, the thread to rule them all!

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This thread is born out of a mini brainstorm following today's gravel ride. Let's discuss in a civil way what is going to be of OOS moving forward.

While all the OOSs I spoke to seem to like the idea of using Strava as an easy way to find the available rides, the ride management usually falls on the same, though capable, few sets of shoulders (mine is not one of those). So part of the discussion we want to keep using Strava and are willing to share the management of the Strava group in a way that is fair and manageable for all?

Also, let's discuss how to link the Strava members to the members. Because I want to look in the eyes of the dude that made a joke about the size of my...wheels! But I digress...

Another topic that came out is how to manage the rides on the forum so that it's easy and fast to find the discussion about the ride that each member is interested in joining.

And why not talk about how to manage ride locations based on members area of residency? We all love riding with our fellow OOSs from down under (South New Jersey that is, does Central New Jersey actually exist or is a matter for fairy tails?), but sometimes we also want to stay local.

I wouldn't forget about get together that do not involve a bike and looking like we just soiled our pants...

I'm sure I'm forgotting something, but today I slammed on the ground way too many times at the top of Skyline and then joined the gravel ride. The combination of the two was brutal on my OOS body! I am sure you will understand...

Oh, one last thing. This does not mean that the usual OOS post whoring, no-no-no-sense banter and general fun we always have getting at each other (figuratively speaking, obviously) has to stop, it just needs to be somehow not take away momentum from the 'business' part of OOS. And business is used again, figuratively.

Who wants to go first?


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I like the idea of the Strava group to announce the rides, it does make it easy to find.

As to the North South Central thing, I think that more people are from the North and that's why a lot of the rides are there. Plus central trails are shot at the moment. I don't know if there is an answer for that one.


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Group size is an interesting one, I know that there's a sort of "core" group but I don't think that we should exclude anyone who wants to join us.

Victor I

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Good point point. There will be more diversity come spring. Big box vs small knit. Paul mentioned earlier this is not a tour company, we do not charge for services. We are also not a race team or officially a club. Just some friendly folks getting together to ride.


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i'm here!

@Norm has been gracious enough to offer a high level forum/topic for OOS - like the "OOS Containment Area ☢️" -
This seems like a good first step here - we'll need to decide on sub forums, stickies, and descriptions

I like the strava push notifications that come a week before a ride - we talked about having the ride leader be able to
announce their own events there - that seemed like a good idea too. we want to write up the groups expectations of the coordinator,
which will be a cheat sheet to getting all the info out.

we talked about the responsibility of the ride leader (i think we should call it coordinator, cause they don't need to actually lead
the group - that needs to be defined)

next level above that is associating coordinators with weekends, and the mess that is.

one conflict might be pop-up rides by group members that would cut into the hard work of the coordinator - got to watch that.
in other words, the coordinator picks the CT, and someone just isn't into it and posts that they are going to mooch, and everyone
goes there instead.....

obviously dues should be sent to me. cause carbon race hardtail with gears.

so membership is a thing - it has been an opt-in group - just say hello and your are in. this still good?

my brain hurts


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I'm open to discussing ways I can help. That's a topic for another night though cause I need to think about a few things (time, etc), but I'll put that on the table at least.


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Can anyone comment on some of the ideas mentioned after the gravel grinder earlier?
couple things above - and what paul is saying with size and formal - just understanding that the workload will go up.
it is always going to be an 80/20 rule - 20% of the people will do 80% of the work - but that is ok - i think.


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I don't know what's already been discussed cause I haven't followed the threads much. But what about a calendar that has all the events in it. Anyone can go to the calendar to get the details. Kind of like our calendars at work... Click on event and it has location, time, leader, etc.
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